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  • Re-imagining the CV

    Wednesday August 3, 2016

    It is something I do every day, read numerous CVs. The more I do it, the more I have come to realise that it is perhaps not the best way to convey what an individual is all about. I think your CV should reflect your “brand” Now if you took a main stream brand that [...]

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  • Adapt or go extinct

    Thursday May 15, 2014

        Dear All There is talk that we are coming out of recession. However I think some of the fundamental problems are still there, just hiding behind a small thicket of consumer optimism. In terms of FMCG, this country and much of Europe has reached saturation. If you go into any top four supermarket, [...]

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  • Making Linked In work for you

    Friday September 14, 2012

    Having spent quite a good proportion of my life staring into the crystal ball that is Linked In I thought I’d share a few pointers We will of course do all we can to find you a role using our extensive contacts. However we believe that candidates can also help themselves by realising the full [...]

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  • Rosie Future

    Thursday July 26, 2012

    Looking at a Rosie future I am not going to give you a pithy insight into the world of recruitment in this news letter-more a glimmer of hope for candidates and clients alike. Settled by the fire enjoying the Northumbrian summer the other evening I was sent a wondering by Sherlock Holmes “When you have [...]

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  • Otter Autumn News Letter

    Tuesday September 20, 2011

    Greetings   Autumn has arrived with the full force of 80mph winds, no messing around with mists of mellow fruitfulness. I always like this time of year-not just the prospects of some hard fought conker matches –no goggles or gloves in the Otter Tournament, but also the recruitment build up to Christmas. If you read [...]

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  • Growing Otter

    Tuesday May 24, 2011

    Otter has been having a very exciting time of late. We have continued to grow our stable of clients. So now in addition to our market leaders in Health and Beauty, Fashion and Consumer Electronics we are now working with probably the most famous Luxury Goods Company in the world.We have also attracted some really [...]

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  • The other side of Otter Recruitment

    Friday July 9, 2010

    I just thought it might be of interest to put a bit about the other side of my business life into my blog. Alongside recruiting across the country for numerous consumer focused businesses I also keep Dexter Cattle I count myself very lucky that I have a bit of a mixture to my day. I [...]

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  • Snapshot on the world of recruitment

    Friday July 2, 2010

    What an extraordinary market this is. Normally by this stage of the summer, the recruitment aficionados are donning their shades and sloping off to even warmer climes. This year is different, it is a vibrant if slightly bumpy market. Let’s look at vibrant first. Many organisations have been through their anus horriblis and have been [...]

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  • Happy New Year

    Thursday January 7, 2010

    Happy New Year, I am now back in the office having had a tremendous Christmas and New Year.Northumberland is looking stunning in it’s snowy clothes.Please feel free to subscribe to my Otter Recruitment January newsletter at

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  • Good news in the business place

    Wednesday November 11, 2009

    I have noticed in the Journal that Employers are looking to lift the pay freeze-a survey of 41 firms showed that 3 out 5 companies will be lifting the pay freeze in the coming year.

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