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  • Re-imagining the CV

    Wednesday August 3, 2016 | 0 comments

    It is something I do every day, read numerous CVs. The more I do it, the more I have come to realise that it is perhaps not the best way to convey what an individual is all about.

    I think your CV should reflect your “brand”

    Now if you took a main stream brand that is loved and appreciated by many, would it leap off the shelf as a list of black and white sentences perhaps with the odd bit of bold script?

    The answer in my mind is a deafening no. The shelves would be groaning with products that if you got behind the boring tin you would find a life changing product.

    So what is to be done?

    Now I take none of the credit for this as like all good ideas it is simple and effective.

    I now ask my really strong candidates to produce an exploded diagram/map about themselves on a single page.

    This can be a simple bubble map with them in the middle. The bubbles then clearly state what they are about: strategic thinker, game changer, imaginative, strong mentor, team player, energetic, data lover etc.

    They can then go a step further and add images, diagrams, colours (Red Blue green and yellow-Edward de Bono, Coloured Hats- ) The sky is the limit

    The litmus test, is that I then ask them to give the diagram to a friend or colleague and ask them –Is that me?

    From a recruitment perspective, this diagram in conjunction with our old friend the CV is a powerful combination. The decision maker often takes seconds to decide if they want to progress a candidate or not.

    The Diagram/ map gives them a rapid visual image of what the person is about and if they match what they are after. The candidate can obviously have different maps depending on the criteria of the role/ organisation they are pursuing.

    So, if you want any help getting your brand front of mind then give me a call.

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